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Welcome to my personal web page. I'm sorry if it seems sparse. I had a much nicer page, but it is old and obsolete now, so I have pretty much retired it in its entirety. I may bring back bits and pieces, but this is a fresh start. So far the German and Babylon 5 sections are the only carry overs.

Anime / Movies / TV:
I have broken anime into a separate section.
I have a Babylon 5 page here.
I have DVD, Video and A/V info here.

Work I've Done:
My German learning quicksheets.
My Math page, has identities and formulas.
Free Software I have written.
My review of the Pioneer DVL-700 DVD/LD player
DEC Alpha Miata Linux Installation info that I contributed to.
My computer modification page
DEC Alpha Miata Overclocking I wrote this entire file and cracked the 'code' of the DIP switches of the mainboard of this system.
My drawing files I've put a few of my drawing projects on the Web.
Robot Essentials Products my lame attempt at creativity.

I have been involved with scale models on and off since I was about eight years old. I have tried scale railroads, HO, N and the antique American Flyer (American Flyer actually used the 'S' guage, 1:64 I believe), collected a small number of die-cast cars and tractors, and I have mostly been putting together plastic model kits. I have tried modern fighters, automobiles, trucks, space ships and most recently, figures. I have even used the authentic paint colors for cars I modeled, as I built three of my kits based on my father's full scale projects, and used his paint. I am not extremely experienced or skilled, but I like my work, and others seem to think I do an excellent job.

NEW - updated with photos from a crappy digital camera captured with an analog video capture card!

Klingon Bird of Prey model overview.
Babylon 5 Space Station model overview.
Evangelion Unit 02 LM edition model overview.
Evangelion Unit 05 LM edition model overview.


My electronics page.

I am a fairly heavy user of computers. I am on the 'web and email lists about an hour a day, if not more (too much, to tell the truth!). I have a four year old 64 bit, 500 MHz Alpha computer. It may not be such a hot machine anymore but it's still by far the most reliable computer I've ever owned. I run Windows NT 4.0 and Linux on it. The only reason I'd get a PC is to play games (the Descents and the Command and Conquers), and it hasn't been compelling enough, I am busy enough as it is.

A good anti-SUV page
What real 4x4 users have to say about most civvie SUV use, plus good solid info to make an informed decision, rather than one based on misconceptions and heresay.
Street Dreams, my dad's custom auto and small manufacturing business.

Site info:

I try to design this site so that it is simple yet a bit elegant and not use advanced features so nearly any browser can read and display it without much trouble. I use Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape Navigator 4.0 to view my pages. I prefer Navigator as it handles link folders on the link bar in a far more elegant and efficient manner than even IE 5.0. Also, Navigator handles progressive scan JPEG images in an intelligent manner, displaying it as it comes rather than waiting until the entire image is loaded then display it. Otherwise IE 5.0 does display a bit quicker.

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I believe that all of these are supported in HTML 2.0, which has been superceeded at least twice, so in short, your browser should support this page fairly well.

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