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I am starting to list products online, go here: Accessories. They will include several accessories for camcorders and computers. The first few will be products around Sony's HVR-A1 and HDR-HC1 HDV camcorders. I will have some products for specific Mac and PC computers as well.


I can support most Windows systems and its software. I can help you install and install computer hardware such as networking, performance upgrades and most add-ons. I can help with the maintainance of Windows XP, 2000, NT 4, 98, 98SE and 95 computers, installing hardware and software for them.

I support Mac OS X, am a user of 10.3 (Panther) and 10.4 (Tiger). I currently use it as a desktop and a light duty server system.

I also can minimally service Linux server software, for work group file management, Apache, php and basic MySQL web service.

Electrical Engineering:

I am working on various microcontroller projects, such as extremely power conserving battery operated devices and very complex motion control programming. I tend to program microcontrollers in assembly language as that usually generates the most efficient code to make the best use of the little devices.

I have been spending considerable time mastering the use of microcontrollers to control motors, send and recieve serial data, display using LCD panels, matrix LED displays, analog to digital and digital to analog conversions, long term data storage and reading, battery power conservation and so on. I have used devices having from 8 to 40 pins.

Free Software I have written.
DEC Alpha Miata Linux Installation info that I contributed to. The 'Miata' computer is a very specific kind of computer that I own that is very, very solid but when I bought it, it needed better setup information, which I was able to provide.
DEC Alpha Miata Overclocking I wrote this entire file and cracked the 'code' of the DIP switches of the mainboard of this system. I did this so this computer can be upgraded cheaply.
Automator page A bunch of mini Automator programs I made for Mac OS X, plus some explainations.

Web pages I have made:
A basic web page for TRC Engineering. The site was larger but I have removed the more obsolete parts.
The web page for Street Dreams.
I have also made the entire web site as well.

CAD Drawings:

I have been using AutoCAD for over 8 years and I have done numerous kinds of drawings, a few architectural and a lot of mechanical drawings. I have done exploded view and assembly drawings, and I have done quite a lot of sheet metal drawings as well.

I have also gotten very proficient at "vectorizing" pictures, most notably "line art". I haven't found a good program that converts an image to a CAD or CNC usable file, so I end up importing the picture and manually drawing my CAD objects on top of it. It is harder work than most would think, as ALL the endpoints must meet for a CNC program to be able to use it. I have used the resulting CAD drawing to engrave logos and pictures into plastic, stainless steel and aluminum. There are vector paint programs that can do this but their file format outputs tend to be incompatible with engraving and machining software.

a sample scanned image
a screen shot of CNC usable CAD file

Please note that the above logo is only an example. The Lancair name and logo is a trademark of Lancair and no endorsement is made or implied.

A few drawing files I've put on the Web. I made a printable Bode plot log-log sketch diagram plus some low triangle count 3D objects. I have more drawings I want to put up but I haven't put the time into it yet.

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