Jeff DeMaagd's CAD Drawings Page

Jeff DeMaagd's CAD Drawings Page

Preliminary / Cautionary Info:
These drawings are in English units and are presently available in AutoCAD R13 type files. Because these files are subject to changes and improvements, I do not want to deal with the hassle of format conversion. I do not have an automatic format converter, so this aspect makes things difficult and time consuming. I can presently export to R13 .DXF, .3DS and R12 .DWG formats.

I would also love to make metric-only drawings, but I am living in the US, and I do not have as easy access to metric-spec or ISO spec materials for my projects as our non-US friends do, and when I do, those materials cost more.

These files are free for your use, but if you put out a drawing file that incorporates my objects, please include a reference to this page and allow me to reference yours, as well as let me know about your project. Thanks!

DWG: BODE Plot: 102kBytes
Bode plot thumbnail
Click on thumbnail for larger overview picture
AutoCAD R13 DWG, a Bode plot diagram for printing and hand sketching in analog Electrical Engineering. It should fit a US type 'A' size sheet of paper. I think this is geared to 'English' units, but fixing it to metric shouldn't be too hard. All the lines are in decimal graduations.

The sheet contains log-log and semi logarithmic plot sections. As semi-log paper is available for purchase somehow, as I have seen some, this one isn't all that relavant except that it has both on one sheet, optimized for Bode plot sketches.

Video Storage Rack / Video Library
This is my attempt to improve on existing products by taking a present idea, make it more flexible, more elegant, more stable and definitely larger.

Licencing & Legal:
First a quick note on this. For the private individual, if you build one of these, I require nothing. But if you build it, like it or find it useful, please send me 5$ and this licences up to two of these racks, for your own use. If you build one and hate it, well I don't want dissatisfied customers, so keep your money. I do appreciate comments and honesty in this regard though.

Competing Products
LaserLine CD / Video Storage solutions
LaserLine Video / DVD Storage solutions
An interesting collection of CD towers from New Zeeland
I am told to avoid storage systems that store VHS tapes in a way that the face is horizontal, as gravity supposedly influences the position of the magnetic particles on the tape just enough to make noticable degradation in a month or so. I really have never tested that, and I do not know how true it is, but I won't take chances on this one.

I have built a flexible storage system that can hold up to 720 CD jewel cases if I so desired, or 384 DVD keepcases, 240 slip-cased VHS tapes, or 210 snap cased VHS tapes, but maximizing the capacity on this system means that the locations of what you put where may be a bit restricted. I personally think this is a very cool setup, I hope to put up my drawing and image files soon!

I'll also give all the information that I can that I used to make some of the fixtures.

English units are used here. I'm sorry that I don't know what products exist outside the US, their dimensions or their prices, and I certainly don't check the currency rates of any nation other than Canada and Japan.

'Raw' Materials

Description SizeQuantityPrice Each (USD)Total Price (USD)
Screws 1.5" long, non counter-sunk 30 0.01 3.00
Dowels 7/8" or 1" diameter by 48" long 15 1.50 22.50
Shelf Boards 5/8" x 8" x 48" wood 2 5.00 10.00
Total: 35.50

If the price of the basic starting materials don't frighten you, then you're my kind of person. The above prices are only for what I used to make the basic unit. If you are sufficiently forward thinking that you wanted to put rollers and such on it before I suggested it, those definitely would require more money to be spent.

I actually bought nicer screws at about a quarter a piece, they were stainless steel black oxide metric Torx (tm) style, actually made to replace damaged GM headlight adjustment screws. They look great, so please consider getting black coated screws of some sort with a square, hex or Torx (tm) fitting, rather than Philips or flat head. IMO Philips is better than flathead, but they still have some tendency to skip and it ruins the look on the head.

Not finished, to be continued!

Small Elements:
These are small, simple building blocks I made for dimension checks and model design. In fact, the .DWG file sizes are less than half the size of the .JPG images shown here.

VHS slip case
DWG: VHS slip case, 6 faces, 12 triangles, 4kB
VHS snap case
DWG: VHS snap case, 6 faces, 12 triangles, 4kB
DVD keep case
DWG: DVD keep case, 6 faces, 12 triangles, 4kB
CD jewel case
DWG: CD jewel case, 7 faces, 14 triangles, 4kB

Legal Stuff: I am not trying to infringe upon anyone's rights by posting these drawings on this page. I used my own effort to create these drawings for general use. I require nothing in return, although I would appreciate gratitude and improved variations, and if I post any improvements based on other's work, I will definitely give credit. If you post a project on the web that makes use of my materials here, I would appreciate a link, and a quick email notification so I can put a link to your project on this page. I provide no warranty whatsoever that these files work as advertised or load under any given CAD system. As I have no control over how someone uses this information, I am not responsible for any use or misuse of these files, but I would never knowingly post information that would be directly used to cause damage or harm.

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