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2006 March 11: My accessory products page was given a new domain. It is now at:
2006 Jan 9: I am starting to list products online, go here: Accessories. They will include several accessories for camcorders and computers. The first few will be products around Sony's HVR-A1 and HDR-HC1 HDV camcorders. I will have some products for specific Mac and PC computers as well.
2003 April 18: I just added a "computer" section to hopefully help novices make better use of their computers.
2002 Dec 6: I have been updating my anime and home theater section but not much else. Sorry.
2001 April 7: I've been experimenting with design elements in the more obscure parts of this site, eventually I'll carry it over to the rest of the site.
2001 March 3: Web site design tweaking continues.
2001 March 1: This web site is officially up!

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