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CD / DVD Autorun Control Applet for Windows

I usually found the autorunning feature to be annoying so I made a small applet that allows me to easily turn off this "feature". The display shows whether the feature is on, and you can press the appropriate button to change it. I need to put in a reminder that the computer needs to be restarted before the setting takes effect.

Download (20kB file): click the word download. Chose save if you want to save a copy of the program on your computer where you, otherwise just run it. Warning: This program has not been thoughroughly tested, and has only been tested on Windows 2000. I believe it will work on other versions but I have no way to test it. I believe this program to be functional but I cannot guarantee that it will work on your computer, and there is a chance that this program can corrupt a computer. I need testers!

Technical details:
I made a small program to implement the registry edit described in this article: 155217: How to Enable or Disable Automatically Running CD-ROMs

NEC Video Projector Control Applet

I am currently working on a program that uses a serial port to control NEC video projectors. As it is, I know it won't work with the LT100. I am getting some basic features going now. I only have an MT1040 to test with, so if you have any others, please let me know. I am certain that the MT10x0 and MT8x0 series is compatible with what I have. I know it is compatible with some XT, LT, MT and VT series projectors, I simply can't say exactly which models. I hope the LT150, LT150Z and the HT series is compatible, but it is too new for the datasheet that I have.

I have input selection, language selection, screen mute, image positioning and a few other features.

Here are two preliminary screen shots:

I do plan to tidy it up and make it more compact than that. The large panes at the bottom are for development use. I have only one hurdle to go through before placing a beta copy on this site. If you are interested in trying the program, please email me.

Note: The programs below are not in an immediately runnable format. All this software was intended for programmers to help them develop code, and is not intended to be immediately usable as production software.

Author: Jeff DeMaagd,
Last update: 4/30/2000

Start date: 8/4/1998

This is a new site for the following program packages: libgeom, libcam and jrdmutils. They are presented in source code form only. I can only provide binaries for Alpha ECOFF (Digital Unix's Alpha binary file format) or ELF compiled on Linux, but binaries for any platform would not be very useful in this stage of development, and besides, I'll always have a source available, even if I do supply binaries.

I realize this page isn't pretty. I'll make it have a cute penguin background or something, but do I LOOK like an artist?

Warranty: I provide NO WARRANTY. Easy come, easy go. If you want a warranty, pay me first. See the GNU GPL licence.

GNU Licencing: I have GNU GPL licenced everything here.

Testing: I have relatively extensively tested everything, and I try to test error conditions. I can't guarantee anything, see the Warranty section above.

version: 0.0.7
date: 10/18/1999
licence: GNU GPL
This library was made in an attempt to manipulate geometrical objects. It is mostly a vector library, with a little trigonometry. I have data types for sphere, circle, vector, line, triangle, line segment, some conversion functions, query functions (intersection of a line with a plane, distance of a point from a line or plane, etc). This may be a good starter for any 3D program, CAD, CAM, engineering, science, maybe games.

version: 0.0.1
date: 9/10/1998
licence: GNU GPL
This lib enables me to read AutoCAD DXF files, up to R13.

version: 0.0.2
date: 9/10/1998
licence: GNU GPL
Some quick & interesting Open GL programs that I have written.

version: 0.1.0
date: 9/10/1998
licence: GNU GPL
This is a mid-level interface between C and EIA CNC machine code. I plan to add wicked features. Right now the main program converts a DXF file's entities to CNC. For that particuclar program, only points, lines and arcs. Not even circles are supported yet for DXF -> CNC conversion. I've used it to engrave a logo onto aluminum. I plan to break off the DXF part into a separate library once I finish my C++ class. I'll admit that the DXF part is for now a quick hack, no object sorting and limited object types are available.

jrdmutil: Jeff DeMaagd's Little Utilities
version: 0.1.0
date: 9/10/1998
licence: GNU GPL
This is a SMALL collection of programs for little quick tasks.

countlines script gives statistics on C program code.

unix2dos and dos2unix add or remove the stupid DOS carriage return in ASCII text files. I think that there is a package out there with the last two programs available, but it wasn't installed on my system when I needed it.

balance tests to see if all the available bracket types are properly balanced in a file. I realize that 'emacs' does this, but that part of 'emacs' annoys me so I don't use it. I haven't seriously used this program yet, but I wanted the tool available when I need it. I want to add HTML balance checking and such for C, presently I don't extensively test either.

version: 0.0.1
date: 9/10/1998
licence: GNU GPL
I wrote this to test certain aspects of the C/C++ languages, UNIX and files. It is a very simple package and serves as sample code for me to refer back to when I need to. I originally wrote it to understand the functionality and syntax of certain commands the C and C++ computer programming languages.

This page and its contents ©1999-2003 Jeff DeMaagd jeff @t demaagd dot com, remove the spaces and such. Except the NEC control panel, the distribution of the software linked by this page is governed by the GPL licence and is freely distributable under those terms.