Title: German Grammar Quicksheet
Author: Jeff DeMaagd
Last Update: 1/20/1999

I am putting this on the web to benefit anyone that is learning German and know English reasonably well beforehand. It is not intended to be a replacement for any part of a formal system of learning, it is only a quick grammar / word reference. As I do not earn money from this, I do not put any warranty on the accuracy or usability of this material. If there are any good suggestions, I'd like to see them. I'd like submissions of additional material even more. I am adding and correcting as I learn more.

This page is being updated relatively often, so unless this is Summer 1999 or later, downloading a copy may not give you access to the latest version.

The German Quicksheet Index page.
The German verbs page.
The German nouns page.
The German Letters and Numbers page .
General German info page.

©1998 Jeff DeMaagd , base document. Open Content Licence

1/24/1999 - verbs and nouns now have their own pages, created this index page.

Peter Ross - for many various minor corrections.
Scott Zahn - for correcting the plural of 'Mann'. He gave me table format tag hints for my layouts.

Work To Do:
I would appreciate contributions to this page. If anyone wants to add to the nouns, I would appreciate it, or even the tenses and cases of verbs. It is not important that you know HTML or any other formatting, just send a straight text file with the words laid out similarly to what I have, except for adjacent tables, then separate those vertically.

If you know HTML and can format similarly to my code (or better), please learn how to use 'patch' and 'diff' so I don't have to pick out every little change and add them. 'patch' and 'diff' are standard UNIX development tools, available in free versions.