Title: German - Noun Quicksheet
Author: Jeff DeMaagd
Last Update: 1/20/1999

The German Quicksheet Index page.

Personal Pronouns

Form \ Person First Second Masc. Neuter Feminine we they pl.'you' formal 'you'
Englsh I you he it she we they you you
Nominative ich du er es sie wir ihr sie Sie
Accusitive mich dich ihn es sie uns euch sie Sie
Dative mir dir ihm ihm ihn uns euch ihnen Ihnen

Adjectival Nouns:

These are interesting nouns that allow us to condense 'der Tote Mann' to 'der Tote' as the 'der' already declares the gender for us. To say 'a dead man' one would say 'der Tote', 'die Tote' applies for 'the dead woman'

Alte old (person)
Arme (person)
Bekannte friend, acquantance
Blonde Blond (person)
Deutsche German (person)
Fremde stranger, tourist
Tote dead (person)
Verwandte relative

Notice: Bekannte is a German word for a more loose acquantance or associates, Freund(in) is for close friends.

With andere, einige, mehrere, viele, and wenige:
base adjective Adjectival noun:
Nominative: andere Arme
Accusative: andere Arme
Dative: andere(n) Arme(n)
Genitive: andere(r) Arme(r)

Posessive Adjectives:

First Second Masc. Neuter Femininewe they pl.'you'formal 'you'
mein dein sein sein ihr unser euer ihr Ihr

Articles / Endings

Nominative der / - das / - die / -e die / -e
Accusative den / -en das / - die / -e die / -e
Dative dem / -em dem / -em der / -er den -n / -en, -n
Genitive des / -(e)s des / -(e)s der / - der / -

The parentheses in the genitive case denote that if the modified word has one syllable, include the 'e', else drop it.


I have pretty much discontinued adding to this list. If someone else wants to add to this, that is fine with me.

singular plural English
der/den/dem die singular
Anzug Anzüge suit
Anwalt Anwalten lawyer
Brief Briefe letter
Freund Freunden male friend
Mann Männer man
Tee tea

singular plural English
das/das/dem die singular
Bild Bilder picture
Bett Betten bed
Buch Bücher book
Haus Hause house
Kind Kinder child

singular plural English
die/die/der die singular
Bibliothek Biliotheken library
Fahrkarte Fahrkarten ticket
Krawatte Krawatte??? tie
Nacht Nächte night
Rechnung Rechnungen bill, check
Sekretärin Sekretärinnen secretary
Stadt Städte city
Tür Türen door
Zeitung Zeitungen newspaper
Apotheke Prescription drug store
Bäckerei bakery
Drogerie non-prescription drug store
Konditorei Coffeshop
Metzgerei butcher shop


leicht light
helles bright
langer long
nur only
schon already
dort there
da there
das that
noch yet, still, nor, another

Alright, some of the above Aren't adjectives, I just have no clue how to categorize them.

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