Bandai EVA-02 Production Model, LM series

Bandai EVA-05 Mass Production Model, LM series

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This is a Bandai EVA-05 Mass Production Model, Limited Model series 024. It is a Japanese import of seriously little import. This is a licenced model.

This unit is in the 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' TV series and movies. EVA is one of my favorite series, flaws and all.

This model requires gluing versus the EVA-02 I bought which was pretty much snap-tight. It is a simple model of about 15 parts plus a plastic sheet which had the outlines of the wings printed on it. There are no moving joints. This model can be built two ways, with or without the spear in its hand. I built the spear version, there are two right hands provided, one is permanently fixed to the spear, the other is empty, just glue on the version you want, I filled the joint with putty. The wings were the most difficult to glue together, the center holder holds the three separate wing sheets. I would recommend gluing the two wings on, in two separate dryings, glue the section to the center from the bend, then later glue to the ends, using some sort of clip or clamp to hold the glued section. The tail can be glued afterwards, but it may need some trimming on the edges and end.

This is a patience testing model if you want to put in the black detail lines, which seriously impact the model appearance either way, depending on the quality of the work. On this one, I was lucky that I had several coats of white applied, so when I did stray with my black brush, I was able to lightly scrape off the excess black.

There are no decals on this model, unlike the Unit 2 I built.

Dude, if you want a model of the EVA series, get a High Grade model or buy the action figures. If you keep the figure in good shape, they'll be better collector's items. I could have gotten a slightly larger action figure for about the same price. The largest downside of the action figures is that they look a bit cheap, these models do look better when painted well.

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