Babylon 5

Babylon 5: The last best hope for intelligent TV science fiction.

This is a show put on by PTEN (Prime Time Entertainment Network), some kind of a division of Warner Brothers, concerning the years 2257 to 2262. Babylon 5 is the fifth of 5 space stations so far, the first three were sabotaged and the fourth mysteriously disappeared into a space-time rift. The space station is 5 miles long and houses a quarter million total humans and aliens

Executive Director / Creator: J. Michael Strazinski (Twilight Zone, Captain Power, animated Ghostbusters) On the internet, he is often abreviated as JMS or jms.

Music: Christopher Franke. Also made soundtracks to Universal Soldier, plus others for Sonic Images CGI: Foundation Imaging. Also does CGI for Hypernauts, a saturday morning TV show.

There are some people that believe that Babylon 5 is "just like Star Trek" (ST), and others that believe that it steals ideas from Star Wars (like Starfury / X - Wing similarity). The original Starfury looks nowhere nearly like the X - Wing, and the newest version only has a vague similarity.

B5 is very different from Star Trek in many ways. First, Babylon 5 is a show that has a definite start and end, and definite story line that connects episodes together (called a "story arc" by the creator of B5, can also be called an epic), where ST has a patchwork story, and the closest thing to a comprehensive story arc is the Dominion / Founder plotline.

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The Official WB Babylon 5 Site sponsored by Warner Brothers.

Official B5 Fan Club No need to say more.

Sonic Images Records The site of the company that puts out the CD soundtracks.

The Zocalo web page This is a web page put up by those that do the weekly internet e-mail magazine of the Babylon 5 TV show.

Lurker's Guide to Babylon 5 An excellent, unofficial site concerning Babylon 5, with info on every episode made so far. A ship on Babylon 5 was named Hyperion, in honor of this site.

Scorp's Web Page This site has many, many nice collages based on B5.

Availability / Air Times:
In the US, only available on the TNT cable network or on VHS tape. I don't know what time TNT has it.

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