The Babylon 5 Ship Registry

OK, I'll admit it... ... I liked TV shows like B5, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and Starwars at first because they had space ships. I disliked the original Star Trek because it has a stupid looking ship among other problems. But without spaceships, it is hard to base a TV show on space.

My Babylon 5 Omega Class Destroyer Model Project I haven't made any progress on this, but I suppose I should.

Earth Alliance:

The earth alliance military and official ships have E.A.S. for official designations. I have left this out on this list so far.

Hyperion: A heavy cruiser, one of the very few ships to survive the Earth-Minbari war, has no rotating sections or simulated gravity. Occupants held themselves in position using belts and straps.

Starliners / Transports:

Asimov: - A passenger ship, seen on "Soul Hunter" and "A Late Delivery From Avalon".
Earth Force One: - Space cruiser used to transport the Earth Alliance president.
Hierdahl: - Transport that brought ISN crew to B5 in "And Now for a Word".
Icarus: - An exploration vessel that was on an expedition to the Rim. It dissapeared, 140 crew members, including Anna Sheridan and Morden.
Marie Celeste: -

Explorer Class

Cortez: Explored the rim of known space, also laying down hyperspace jump points. It is nearly as long as Babylon 5 itself.
These ships are very rare and usually in deep space on assignment.

Omega Class

These are the newest Earth Alliance Heavy Cruisers, the first one, Agamemnon came out shortly after the Earth-Minbari war. They are the fastest and most powerful ships in the E.A. so far.
Agamemnon: Patrolled the Rim, was Sheridan's ship before his assignment to B5.
Alexander: - Was commanded by General Hague, now commanded by Major Ryan.
Churchill: - Captain Hiroshi
There were several ships in Severed Dreams of which I couldn't read the name plates.

O'Neill Class

Presumably these are the stations in the Babylon Project, the "Last Best Hope for Peace".
Babylon 4 O'Neill class EA station, larger than B5. Counter rotating sections provide simulated gravity. Last known location: Sector 14.
Babylon 5 O'Neill class EA station, the main setting of the TV show, 5 miles long. Location: in the Epsilon Eridani star system, which is in Grid Epsilon. Power: eight Tokamak 790 high energy fusion reactors, total output: 73 Googolwatts


Babylon 5 has four starfury squadrons, two of them are named Alpha and Zeta. Alpha #7 is a particularly unlucky designation for the show. The squadron names identify which "Cobra" launch bay a 'fury, pilot or team are based. Two main classes exist, the first is a space only unit, the second is capable of atmospheric maneuvering. The second type looks similar to Star Wars' X-Wing fighter. The main difference between the X-Wings and starfuries is that the 'fury's engines at the ends of the "X", while the weapons are in the center. The space only version is extremely maneuverable, it can reverse directions in just over a second at low speeds.
Black Omega Squadron: - Expensive, stealthy versions of the space Starfury, typically used by the Psi Corps. Shown on "Ship of Tears".


The Minbari have had artificial gravity without rotating sections for some time ("War Without End").
Flyer: - A Minbari shuttle type ship.
White Star: - The newest style Minbari ship, based on combined Minbari-Vorlon technology. Its propultion is based on Magnetic and gravitational principles.
Black Star: - This was the lagship of Minbari Fleet during the Earth-Minbari war. The only Minbari ship destroyed by earth in the E-M war, with Sheridan as the mastermind. The plan mined the Sol systems' asteroid belt with fusion mines and hailing a distress call. He earned the name "StarKiller".



Colesto: - Mentioned in Deathwalker.


Frasi - a class of Narn heavy fighter.


Great Machines

One known "Great Machine" is on Epsilon 3, the planet B5 orbits. It is currently run by Draal. It has huge energy, knowledge storage and exploration capablilities. The user of the machine can explore through time and distant space without visiting. It tends to destroy ships on unauthorized approaches. Don't suggest a day trip to this planet. There is some speculation that the Shadows also posses machines of this kind (from "Voices of Authority").


Arcati - Mentioned in "Knives".


All Vorlon ships are organic ships that can survive and thrive in vacuums. These ships are unscannable by Earth Alliance scanners. The surfaces are usually green and yellow, with the colored spots moving fast enough to observe by the trained eye.


There are personal transports, like the one that Ambasador Kosh Naranek uses to go home. They are known to "sing" to its passengers, even when the passenger is sleeping. These ships are custom made for their owner / users, and have been known to destroy itself apon death of its owner.


The Shadows are the oldest living race in the galaxy. They also use bio-ships.


These are the largest known ships in the Shadow fleet. They are known as "Spiders as big as hell and twice as ugly" or a "Cross between a spider and your worst nightmare". They seem to have stealth technology, unless the "cloak / decloak" is passage into and out of hyperspace. These ships are piloted by a single sentient host that merges with the ship and controls it. The only known weakness is that strong telepaths can disrupt operation at close range.


These can be called "Blowfish" because it inflates in size and shape when they fire. Many fighters can be hosted by a battlecrab.
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