Babylon 5 "Omega Class" Model Project

Jeff DeMaagd
Started 9/10/1996

Background: This is an attempt to model an Omega Class destroyer from the Babylon 5 TV series, although I am not sure which ship I want to model. I got my inspiration from an article in the e-fanzine Zocalo, stating that some Canadian fan club or hobby shop was making a four foot long model of the Agamemnon.

There is more ship information in Babylon 5 Ship Registry.

Available names:

Agamemnon: Patrolled the Rim, was Sheridan's ship. ("Messages From Earth")
Agrippa: - "SD"
Alexander: - Was commanded by General Hague, now commanded by Major Ryan. - "SD"
Churchill: - Captain Hiroshi - "SD"
Nimrod: - "SD" - was to attack B5, but retreated.
Roanoake: - "SD"
There were several ships in Severed Dreams ("SD") of which I couldn't read the name plates. I got most of the ship names from the B5 episode Severed Dreams. I hope to find more soon.

What I Have:

Images from the Babylon 5 Entertainment Utility (B5EU) CD-ROM (I have Disc #2650 out of a limited 100,000!):

AGAMEM01.baf - shows front and 1/4 view of "Aggie" escorting a cargo vessel.
ESCORT01.baf - has close up view of one end of rotational section.
GUNSHIP.baf - this is a ship that is related to the Omegas, although very different, with rotational section replaced with about 36 guns.
GLCTCD.avi - shows an invasion on the Strieb.

CHURH.jpg - I found this on the official B5 web page, under Images / Tech. It is a picture of the distressed Churchill colliding with the Roanoke.

I have found that the *.baf files on th B5EU are simply Windows bitmap images with an audio file attached. Windows95 paintbrush and other image programs can read the files as pictures. If it does not work, copy (do not just rename) the files to the same name with a *.bmp extension and try again. I have not yet tried to extract the sounds, so please don't ask on that.

I need to find:

"actual" size of ship,
schematics, details, etc,
All digital or paper pictures that I can find, preferably in orthogonal and details views,
specific colors that match the colors on the ship,
the rotational speed and placement of lights, relative light intensities.


Scale, and ultimately, model size
Base style / mounting methods, Possibly EA symbol with ship name and show name on a mini plaque.
Materials (probably styrene for model, steel rod for stand, engraved wood for base)
How accurate do I want the paint colors to be?
How detailed should I get?
Do I model the rotational speed?
Do I do lights?

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This file is mostly for my use, but if someone manages to find this page, I'm impressed. If anyone would like to help in any minor way (mostly information, as listed above), please do. Because of legal / copyright situations, please don't expect anything more than a hearty thank-you and in-progress pictures if I ever get that far. I am only making this model for myself, and if I end up making blueprints or templates, I'll go to JMS or Warner Brothers for permission to distribute on a non-profit basis.