Jeff's AV Info

Jeff's AV Info

Welcome to my A/V info page.

DVD, Video and A/V:
I have a DVD player and a few disks. I rent every two weeks. It is very nice, the quality improvement over VHS is apparent even on OLD crappy TVs, but the difference between SVHS, Laserdisc and DVD at their best isn't too apparent unless you have a higher resolution TV. The quality of video output between DVD players is more consistent than that of the different VHS players, but the feature set is usually higher on the pricier ones.

Local DVD page.
Local Laserdisc page.
Local MiniDisc page.
My page on various copy protection sites and their evils.
Interesting audio link site
Pioneer Animation Rating System Used by a few sites and companies, as a substitute for MPAA ratings as MPAA must review it, and I think that costs money and brain shrinkage as that involves talking to `censors'.

Bjorn Roy's Guide to "Edge Enhancement".

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