Bandai EVA-02 Production Model, LM series

Bandai EVA-02 Production Model, LM series

EVA-02 LM ModelEVA-02 LM Model Box Picture

This is a Bandai EVA-02 Production Model, Limited Model series 002. It is a Japanese import of seriously little import, due to its small size and simplicity, the model is less than 20 cm tall. This is a licenced model.

This unit is in the 'Neon Genesis Evangelion' TV series and movies. EVA is one of my favorite series, flaws and all.

This model is effectively snap-tight but you can glue things together. It is a simple model of less than 20 parts. The knee, leg, neck and shoulders articulate around pivots. I broke one knee joint and ended up gluing the leg stiff as a result.

This is a patience testing model if you want to put in the black detail lines, which seriously impact the model appearance either way, depending on the quality of the work.

I used the Testor's ModelMaster spray and brush paints. Let me reiterate from my other EVA model review: DO NOT USE THEIR SPRAY PAINTS. Sure, they seem easy to spray at first, but unless you let them dry for some extended period of time, like a month (at least several weeks!), brushing on any other color afterwards may cause the base color to bleed through, and the paint is always gummy even after a week's drying time. I am seriously getting to dislike Testors / Modelmaster as the quantity, opacity, shine and color very quite noticably from bottle to bottle, regardless of how well the paint is mixed.

There are six small decals, all thin green text on black backgrounds, three per arm, one for the shoulder, one on the inner forearm and the outer forearm, the all say EVA 2 or EVA 2 PRODUCT.

Dude, if you want a model of the EVA series, get a High Grade model or buy the action figures. If you keep the figure in good shape, they'll be better collector's items. I could have gotten a slightly larger action figure for about the same price. The largest downside of the action figures is that they look a bit cheap, these models do look better when painted well.

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