Babylon 5 Station Review

Babylon 5 Station Review

Babylon 5 space station picture

This is a review of Revell / Monogram's Babylon 5 Space Station, The stock number appears to be 85-3622.

I have been a fan of Babylon 5 since Starlog's preview of the show in about 1992. I loved the very concept and made it a point to see the pilot. I even have the original version on tape! The Babylon Station is the locus of the history in this section of the galaxy in about the years 2257 to 2263. I purchased this model at a local Meijer's store simply because they had it, somewhere between 15 and 20$.

17" long / 43 cm in length, but the diameter of the central section does not exceed about 2.5 inches / 6 cm. By my quick calculations, the scale seems to be about 1:20000, the scale is not listed anywhere on the model, instructions or box that I can tell.

This is a very simple model, but a quick putty sanding is needed or else some of the decals will look stupid. Oops, the decals do look stupid anyways. If you want the station core to rotate, be careful where you glue at the head end. I was not, and now have no rotating section.

I sprayed the major colors, brushed the detail colors. The directions give no clues on how to detail this thing, I had to look at photos on the box side.

The decal sheet is about 6" by 8" and the completed model is about one third covered by stupid decals. You'll want to spray a light dull coat after everything dries. I lost a cobra bay decal, so that part of the station is facing away on my display.

Display Stand:
This model includes a large plastic base with the logo 'Babylon 5', the '5' inset behind 'Babylon' like on the TV eyecatches. The '5' is mistyled, I believe it should be broken into two parts, like on the uniforms and signs in the show.

Remember to use the model pictures for detailing guides. I am a bit hard on the stupid decals, as they are very detailed, but putting very detailed decals on a model that isn't is ... well, stupid. A very simple model, if you want something that is a bit of a challenge, look elsewhere, particularly the Starfury models, although they are a bit overpriced in my opinion. I'll have a review up for that as soon as it is completed.

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