Copy Protection

Copy Protection

This is a quick page dedicated to tracking copy protection methods. I started this in infuriation with Macrovision protection. IMO it violates the 'Fair Use' provision of US Copyright Law by disallowing backups and format transfers. I have a friend that wanted to buy 'Matrix' on DVD, has no player but has access to VHS. He can't do this. Why buy VHS? DVD is a format for the future, so he just wanted to wait to buy a player, but buy the media for the future.

The other thing that pissed me off was an article in Popular Science (October 1999, p59) which writes about a system to prevent CD copying by screwing with playback on CD-ROMs. The article states that this system screws with high-end digital audio recievers that recieve the messed up digital signals. They don't say whether it screws with the analog signal, but I wouldn't put it past them as they are owned by Macrovision, a company that makes a copy protection product for video that slightly degrades the video, and on some sets, messes up the picture significantly.

Internet media formats like SDMI supposedly have 'watermarking' that also slightly degrades the audio.

Primary Companies Make products for copy protection:

Secondary Companies Have designed copy protection, not a primary product

Organizations: Secure Digital Music Initiative

These come from the IBM patent server, read their legal notice before doing anything with the site.
Defeating Macrovision colorstripe.
A generalized noise cleaner and may or may not clean up copy protection/

Stories: Liquid Audio and Iomega team up SDMI DVD Watermarking Image watermarks aren't as good as could be...

Search on copy protection issues. A good place to strike on your own for this type of research.

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