Compaq Evo w8000 Workstation Modification Page

Compaq Evo w8000 Workstation Page

by Jeff DeMaagd

This is a computer that I've picked up second hand and made a few changes over a year. It is a P4 Xeon based computer with an Intel 860 chipset. It featured a dual channel 800MHz RAMBUS memory bus with ECC memory, dual peer PCI busses,

This machine was a "Socket 603" based system meaning that only Xeon chips would work in it. I think this is to ensure current capacity for the core plus up to two megs of full clock cache.

I bought two, one had a 1.7GHz Williamatte and the other 2.2GHz Northwood based chip, both with 512kB cache.

Other features:
ntel 860 chipset with 400-MHz front side bus, dual-peer PCI buses.
Dual channel 800MHz Rambus memory
Integrated dual channel Ultra160 SCSI and Ultra ATA/100 controllers
Integrated Intel PRO/100+ Management Adapter
Seven total slots (two 64-bit/66-MHz PCI, four 32-bit/33-MHz PCI, one AGP Pro 4X)
Seven bays (four internal and three external)
I have reason to believe that the case and power supply are ATX compatible but I haven't tested it, I didn't see the need and won't try it unless the mainboard fails. The case size may be extended ATX as it supports a 12" x 12" board.

T15 Torx bit.
Cordless electric screwdriver.
Except for the fans, almost everything not torx is a thumb operated screw or lever.

The network chip on the 1.7GHz machine arrived non-working. I solved this by putting in a PCI network card.

I have yet to make customizations or modifications for these systems.

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