Jeff's Anime Rants

Jeff's Anime Rants

Take all this with a grain of salt, but please consider my arguments and ideas.

Central Park Media & Ratings:
This company has had the tendency to take soft core porn, slap a 16+ rating on it and sell it as a mainstream product rather than an 18+ adults-only product that I believe they deserve to be. Sometimes they are said to edit them down just slightly to remain just ever so slightly acceptable in their mind to being marketed as a mainstream product. The ones I know about are Fencer of Minerva, My My Mai, Strange Love, and Sprite. All of these titles feature copious amounts of sex, I think more than one would see in an "R" rated movie. Also, much of Fencer of Minerva is about sex slavery. Most of Sprite is about incest. They don't get to full sexual intercourse but it is very heavy on oral sex. Some retailers are aware of this and categorize and label them properly, but most seem to be unaware.

Central Park Media & Marketing:
This company has been making poor looking product cover designs and then tacking on bad namedropping lines. On Utena, "From the director of Sailor Moon". Well, Sailor Moon apparently had at least two directors over time. Sailor Moon and Utena are sufficiently different that Utena would be clearly inappropriate for the younger Sailor Moon fans. CPM doesn't seem to be shy about putting this tacky namedropping in big text on the front cover, either.

ADV & Marketing:
I think they have improved somewhat over time, but they still make something appear more suggestive than they really need to be. The cover for My Dear Marie has the tag line "Plug her in and she'll turn You on". This makes the video sound like, when it isn't. It's a pretty decent story, but I have known several people that have outright avoided this video because of this impression. The covers of Steel Angel Kurumi show a heck of a lot more skin than I've seen in the show and give a false impression of pornographic content. I only managed to watch two DVDs in the series though, so maybe all heck breaks loose in volume 3.

Rabid Fanboys:
You know the type. They regard the people that disagree with them as infidels and idiots. They see through the slightest logical flaw of others, but can't possibly see fundemental flaws of their own. If they start an argument and find they loose, then they start complaining louder. Somehow, they themselves seem to be the standard of truth which is infallible, anyone that disagrees must be wrong. Sometimes they even give the impression that language translation is an exacting science. Some also seem to regard Japanese entertainment as being the best in the world and they can't make a bad product. To some, Studio Ghibli makes metter movies than anyone else in the world and only an idiot would think otherwise. Of course, to some of these, no other entertainment producer can possibly stand up. That's a nice of blinders, or at least a nice halucinigenic drug they have.

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