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Why?: I have grown to detest all the little time-consuming hinderences to enjoying my entertainment. DVDs that have front-loaded previews are starting to annoy me, but particularly evil are some offenders that don't allow me to skip logos or previews. It is these that I am trying to avoid. I see nearly a two _minute_ load-to-menu time on Outlaw Star, and most of that is footage and blank footage, not just due to the slow branching that might be attributed to my player.

I also wanted to keep track of little tidbits that I find on DVDs, either in the animation (Duff Cola in BGC 2040) or the encoding (menu, chapter & track structure)

Outlaw Star

Escaflowne, DVD 1
Menu: Skip to Title 5.

Title 5: Menu.

6: Episode 1; 7: Episode 2; 8: Episode 3; 9: Episode 4
-1: Episode 1 Start - epilogue
-2: Episode Title
-3: Commercial Break Eyecatch
-4: Ending Theme
-5: Next Episode Preview

Title 10 - skip to next episode?

Show Previews
12-1: Gundam Wing
13-1: Haunted Junction
14-1: Cowboy BeBop
15-1: Blue Submarine #6
(12-2, 13-2, 14-2 and 15-2 skip to title 16?)

Title 16 - skips to title 5

Music Videos:
17-1: "Clean" opening theme
17-2: "Tomodachi" - Friends
17-3: "Aoi Hitomi" - Blue Eyes
17-4: "Hikari no - he" - Into the Light

OutLaw Star: DVD 1
Menu: Title 5 (warning, "play" doesn't seem to work, must watch per-episode)
6: 1 7: 2 8: 3 9: 4 10: 5

Note: I have noticed that jumping straight to an episode may result in the player stopping at the end of the episode

Rurouni Kenshin Volume 3

Title 1-1: Episode 9
Title 1-2: Part A
Title 1-3: Part B
Title 1-4: Ending Credits

Title 1-5: Episode 10
Title 1-6: Part A
Title 1-7: Part B
Title 1-8: Ending Credits

Title 1-9: Episode 11
Title 1-10: Part A
Title 1-11: Part B
Title 1-12: Ending Credits

Title 1-13: Episode 12
Title 1-14: Part A
Title 1-15: Part B
Title 1-16: Ending Credits


Jurassic Park
Title 6: The Making of Jurassic Park

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