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I made this page to set aside a place to put information on starting a club for watching anime, but much of this information can be used for any sort of film arts.

If you are starting an anime club, you'll need some materials, permission and information.

Permission is typically easy to get. Go to the company's site, check for a club policy or ask the PR email address. When emailing, make sure you state that no money is being charged for admission, and that it is a club setting, if this is the case, as it makes things easier. If you are using public or rented property, make sure you have a copy of the written permission handy in case someone starts asking questions. Sure, some people may not care, but others may, especially schools and government property. Make certain you have permission to use the room and its equipment.

When emailing a request, please be polite. In general you should give them this information:

Your name
Your club's name
The name of the organization sponsoring your club, if any
Your expected attendance size
showing location, date, time and address
What you want to show

I would advise NOT showing fansubs when licenced domestic copies are available.


Contact: Luray Carol,
This company is more strict policy, but I guess it is for tracking purposes. They say it must be non-public, no fee, you must tell them when and what you'll show, plus sending a copy of the club newsletter that has the screening listed in it. An email newsletter will work.

Bandai Entertainment

Beuna Vista (for Kiki's Delivery Service)
They participate in the Motion Picture Licencing Corporation, you will probably need to go through here: It is likely that there is a charge.

Central Park Media
Contact: Gamal Hennessy;; This company has a wide variety of animation, from kid's stuff to stuff kids certainly shouldn't see, as well as comic books, etc.

I recieved this in return for an inquiry to show Grave of the Fireflies:
Thank you for your interest in our titles. Please note that the Japanese licensor for Grave of the Fireflies has prohibited CPM from granting convention screening rights for this title. I am sorry that we cannot be of more assistance. Please let me know if there are any other films that you would like to show.

Manga Entertainment:
Contact:;Jim Sammons;
These guys were easy to ask, all I did was describe the club, say no money is involved and I was granted permission. They appreciated the fact that I asked permission, so please ask.

Miramax: (for Princess Mononoke)
They participate in the Motion Picture Licencing Corporation, you will probably need to go through here: It is likely that there is a charge.

Pioneer Entertainment:
On a public forum post, a Pioneer rep wrote this:
Pioneer will grant permission to clubs and conventions for public screening of our titles under the following conditions.

1. No money is charged to view the screening.
2. Written consent form is signed and returned before screening.
3. No copying and distributing is allowed.
4. A commercial copy of the title must be screened unless a working copy has been provided by Pioneer.

You can go through Right Stuf to get permissions for Pioneer titles as well, often it is quicker.


Urban Vision Entertainment:

While public advertising is available, it may not be the best method. Starting out small and spreading by word of mouth is best so that you have a more controlled growth, if that is a concern. If you are forming a school anime club, some schools allow bulletin board postings for flyers, use them if you believe that you have extra space for an influx of members. At the beginning of a school year, some colleges have a 'club' promotion event where all clubs are allowed a table for their own promotion.

eMail list:
You'll need to send annoucements, and an email list is simply the most efficient way to do this, as well as enabling non real-time discussions. If you are setting up a club at your school, simply ask your webmaster how to get a list set up, otherwise there are free mail list services around.

Anonymous surveys may allow for better feedback from members, and certainly gives a better impression of `what's hot' than an email list, as mail lists are skewed toward heavy posters and doesn't represent lurkers. Non-anonymous surveys may help in gathering such information as who can help the club and the titles that the members have that can be used for screenings. Make sure you offer the ability to sign up and take email addresses so one can announce future screenings.

My own survey. It is Open Content licenced, meaning that you may use it, put your club's name at the top and distribute however you wish, as long as the original copyright is retained. See the licence for details.

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