Armitage the Third

an attempted in-depth comparison of the OVA and Polymatrix versions of the show

Purpose: The Polymatrix "Movie" is a modified version of the Japanese Original Video Animation (OVA), with a shorter length. I wanted to make a good comparison to show that there really is a difference between the two. I'll try to be thoughrough enough to let you decide if it is worth watching the other version if you've already watched one.

Releases: Pioneer Entertainment will eventually release the Armitage III: Perfect Collection on DVD. It will have Japanese audio and English subtitles, for those that desire the original audio, the Polymatrix version only has English audio. One thing that I doubt the Perfect Collection will have is Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

Notes: "Polymatrix" is the name of the Armitage III movie. "OAV" is the fairly standard term for Japanese video-only releases. Also, I strongly recommend that you watch one version of this show before reading further, as this page may contain spoilers.

Video: Yes, the rainbows in the LD images are really on the LD as far as I can tell, not a figment of poor comb filtering. I hope they aren't on the DVD release, they don't seem to be in the Polymatrix version. The image quality that you see is fairly close to my uncompressed bitmaps but keep in mind that my bitmaps do look better, I am unwilling to hog my web space with bitmaps and lossless PNG support is rare enough as it is.

0-600 (20 seconds) Pioneer branding / logo 601-2421 (0:20-1:34) Opening credits (1:14 lost)

Cuts: 3291-3601 (2:10-2.23) (0:13 lost)

The footage starts with a more close-up view of the stewardess' tusch but my desire to keep this page in good taste prevents me from showing that! By the way, the tatoo says "Don't Touch".

4016-4440 (2:40-2:58) (0:18 lost)

McConnon has an argument with her 'manager'. This is cut and is only vaguely referenced later in the first police meeting.

In Polymatrix Ross has a flashback while the spaceplane is flying above Mars.

4441-4594 (2:58-3:05) (0:07 lost)
I am not sure if this is in the Polymatrix (just before airplane lands on ramp)

forboding cargo door, not opening though.

6546-6689 (4:26-4:32) (0:06 lost)

Electro Blood episode title

In Polymatrix, its opening credits are here.

13639-14163 (9:22-9:44) (0:22 lost)

The media mobs Ross' car as it approaches, Armitage turns on the window tinting as reporters grill Ross. They were asking about the gunfight at the airport.

14164-14294 (9:44-9:49) (0:05 lost)

I am not sure if this is anywhere in Polymatrix

23500-24275 (16:13-16:45) - I think (:32 lost)

Misses part of the interview with pacifist anti-android leader, Julia Blanshin

24276-25564 (16:45-17:39)
This is where the flashback _really_ happens, and it happens as a dream while sleeping in his apartment on Mars.

25565-26049 (17:39-17:59) (0:20 seconds)

After the flashback, Ross wakes up from sleeping in a cold sweat, he nurses his synthetic knee (as evidenced that it messes up the environment display panel behind him).

26050-26204 (17:59-18:06) (0:07 seconds)

Ross leaves building to go jogging. I believe this part isn't in PolyMatrix, although they do show him jogging on a walkway.

28012-28336 (19:21-19:35) (0:14 seconds)

Ross stumbles upon Armitage's desk and looks at a photo of Armitage as a "child" with her "father".

28695-29990 (19:50-20:44) (0:56 seconds lost!)

Ross looks at his car while a co-worker marvels about his car and also says the cheif is an inexperienced driver. In this sequence we learn that Ross doesn't trust computer machines that do his work for him, hence he drives it himself. I think they say it's a stick shift to boot, where most cars apparently drive themselves.

32154-34943 (22:14-24:10) (1:54 gone!)

Ross is at Home Robotization - the owner expounds on the fact that robots need to be more functional to achieve harmony with human beings.

41181-41726 (28:30-28:53) (0:23)

Ross's fake environment display freaks out, he shuts it off and goes to sleep.

This is 1/2 hour into the OVA series. I am not done yet!

update: I watched and compared the second OVA compared to what made it to the movie. About fifteen minutes of footage didn't make it. I won't be documenting the differences as it's gotten out of hand. The differences amount to more of the Thirds being hunted down, and a fight where Armitage kicks a would-be mugger's arse.

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